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Refrigeration Racks Available For Retail

We have many refrigeration racks available for your perusal. Find a temperature range that fits your needs and a matching voltage. We have low and medium-temperature refrigeration available for your benefit.

In addition, you will always receive quality-level products from us for any industrial refrigeration. We maintain these racks in good condition and will update customers about any refurbished options that will work like new ones. Always inquire about our various options.

Compressor Rack Package

The 112.5 HP Dual Temperature Compressor Rack & Remote Condenser Package gives you a powerful refrigeration system. It can run at low or medium temperatures, depending on your preference settings, with both racks using Copeland Discus semi-hermetic compressors. Reach temperatures as low as -25 degrees for refrigerating or freezing products.

The penthouse contains a condenser and an electronic control panel encased within a stainless steel frame.

How Does Rack Refrigeration Work?

Rack refrigeration uses multiple compressors, condenser fans, metering devices, and evaporators with the same refrigerant. When the compressors operate in this system, they create a cumulative cooling effect.

A large compressor cannot handle this much horsepower or provide variable temperature control. It can run the risk of burning out and damaging the rest of the machine. You also have only two settings: on and off.

Multiple smaller compressors on the same rack can handle a larger capacity and ensure that the machine will run for a long time. If one compressor burns out, it can be replaced more easily while risking less damage to the whole structure. You also have more options with your control panel to set the speed for the condenser fans and the designated temperature zones.

With the racks operating on a parallel system, a single inlet and outlet connect all the compressors to designated refrigerate cases. As a result, one can identify any connection issues quickly and make a quick fix or replacement while preventing any spoilage.

With Business Types Will Benefit From These Rack Compressors?

We recommend rack refrigeration when you store items at different temperatures, such as in convenience stores, markets, or groceries. Compressor racks can maintain different temperatures depending on which components are running.

Install Your Refrigeration Rack System With Barr Inc.

Barr Commercial Refrigeration is proud to display industrial refrigeration compression in different units. Our new and refurbished options can fit your business budget whether you want to start a new enterprise or expand one.

Do you need further information or a custom solution for your industrial refrigeration? Our specialists have all the answers when your business cannot find a retail option with rack compressors.

Barr Inc can ensure you control your refrigeration, especially when you need variable cooling for different products and raw materials. So you want to learn more about variable cooling on an industrial level? Please reach out to us today.