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Do you need extra refrigerators for storing perishables or essentials? We have surplus equipment for food processing, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, liquidation stores, and other businesses with bulk inventory. Please browse our selection of surplus equipment that can drastically improve your storage needs.

Surplus Refrigeration Equipment

We have many options for surplus refrigeration and storage. Our goal is to ensure that various refrigeration devices and systems are available for different businesses, depending on their capacity and storage needs.

You can find the best solution for your excess inventory or raw materials at Barr Inc, and we specify which qualifies for Barr Ready Ship. We list every voltage requirement and dimension so that you can determine an ideal fit and connection. In addition, check which products have never been installed and are new in the box.

Freezer Units

In addition to standard industrial refrigeration, we also have freezer options. We have the 1235v2 HP Self-Contained Heatcraft PRO3 Freezer Unit if you need a top-mount walk-in refrigerator freezer system. It has holding temperatures ranging between 0 and -20 degrees Fahrenheit. Install it quickly, with minimal hassle or labor.

Is your evaporator needing a replacement? Look at the Surplus Heatcraft freezer evaporator to see if it fits your system, which has a low profile with two 2-speed EC motors. It also comes with an electronic defrost option. We also carry replacement parts for extra freezers.

Low-Temperature Systems

Do you need an outdoor cooler condensing unit that cools at low temperatures while allowing for easy storage? We recommend the 1.5 HP Surplus Low Temp System (3Ph 230v). It comes with an Electric Defrost and Intelligen Controller.

What To Look For In A Surplus Refrigerator

When selecting a surplus solution for your business, what criteria should determine your purchasing decision? We go into the most common factors below.


First, determine the capacity needed for excess inventory that requires cold storage. Does your business have emergency storage? Do you want to store it in bulk? Most importantly, can you install the refrigerator within your warehouse, storefront, or other facilities?

Doors and dimensions will determine the size of the refrigerator. Refrigerators with multiple doors can risk congestion in busy workspaces but allow for more storage if you have a large excess of products.


Do you need your products within easy reach? If so, then you want a refrigerator that balances compactness with optimal space. Doors also play into this factor if you need full or half-doors, manual, or self-closing options.

Find Your Surplus Cooling Systems At Barr Inc

Barr Commercial Refrigeration has maintained refrigerator systems with multiple temperature settings and regulation standards to benefit businesses. If you cannot find a refrigerator that can solve your business problem, we can provide you with customized solutions for facility size and energy demands.

To look at our best refrigeration options, reach out to our team today. Barr Commercial Refrigeration will assist you with finding the optimal surplus equipment to maintain your products and raw materials.