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Low Temp Systems

Low-temperature refrigeration systems are used to store and maintain products, ingredients, and other perishables at a safe temperature. In fact, they’re the best solution when you require storage in temperatures between -4° and -123° Fahrenheit (-20° and -86° Celsius).

Your mind may go straight to the foodservice industry, but there are many sectors of our economy that require low-temp storage. From pharmaceuticals and healthcare to electronics manufacturing and server farms, many of the products you enjoy include components that must be stored in low temperatures.

At Barr Inc., we offer an expansive collection of low-temp freezers for a variety of commercial and industrial applications. Find the best refrigerators for your business, below.

High, Medium, & Low Temp Freezers: What are the Differences?

While industrial cooling options come in a variety of types, the three most common types of freezer systems are:

  • High-Temp Refrigerators
  • Medium-Temp Refrigerators
  • Low-Temp Freezers

High-Temp vs. Medium-Temp vs. Low-Temp Refrigeration

High-temp freezers operate in temperatures above +23°F (-5°C), while medium-temperature freezers can function from -4°F to +23°F (-20°C to -5°C). Each type of freezer has its own benefits and drawbacks that must be considered when choosing the best system for a particular business.

For example, high-temp freezers are less expensive than medium or low-temp freezers but require more energy to operate. Medium-temp freezers offer better preservation of food than high-temp freezers but take up more space.

Finally, low temperature refrigeration can be the most costly option, but they offer the best preservation of perishable items. It is important to consider all aspects of your operations when selecting the best low-temperature refrigerator for your business.

Which Systems are Used for Ultra Low Temp Refrigeration?

Ultra-low-temperature systems require low temp refrigerants that operate in a range from -123°F to -250°F (-86°C to -157°C). As you can imagine, this means they require a powerful condensing unit.

This Krack Low Temp System is a powerful 15-horsepower refrigeration system that is perfect for ultra-low temperature applications. It features a hermetic compressor, stainless steel construction, and a microprocessor controller.

Meanwhile, if you need more power, then this 30 HP Krack Low Temp System is perfect for you. It has a higher capacity than the 15 HP model and is also made with stainless steel construction. Plus, it comes with an anti-condensate heater to prevent ice buildup.

Stay Frosty with Low Temp Refrigeration Systems at Barr Inc.

Ultra- and low-temperature systems are used in a variety of industries for chilling and freezing products. They require a powerful condensing unit to operate effectively, and there are a number of different models available depending on your needs.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? At Barr Inc. we offer custom cold storage solutions that are built for your needs. Don’t settle for “good enough” — instead, invest in a freezer that is purpose-made to fit into your operations.

We’re passionate about empowering businesses to produce their best work. To find the perfect low-temp refrigeration system for keeping your materials fresh, reach out to our team today.