Frequently Asked Questions

Does Barr, Inc. warranty used and new refrigeration equipment?

Yes. On used refrigeration equipment Barr, Inc. offers a 60 day warranty on the crucial mechanical components, specifically the compressor(s) and motor(s) . All New refrigeration equipment has a standard 1 year warranty. Condensing units 3HP or larger include a 4 year extended warranty on compressor.

Will the used refrigeration equipment be compatible with the new refrigerants?

Yes. The refrigeration equipment is capable of using many of the new replacement refrigerants. Our Refrigeration Specialists can give you more detail in this area.

Does Barr, Inc. test used refrigeration equipment prior to shipping?

Yes. Our certified Refrigeration Technicians run tests on all used refrigeration equipment. These tests verify the components are in working condition and vary according to the type of used refrigeration equipment you are purchasing.

Does Barr, Inc. do installation on industrial refrigeration, walkin coolers, or walkin freezers?

Because we sell worldwide, it is not feasible for Barr, Inc. to do the installation on refrigeration equipment. We recommend having a local company do your installation and maintenance. We do provide you with wiring diagrams on the equipment and blueprints for easy assembly of the walk in cooler panels. Our Refrigeration Specialists are here to answer all of your questions.

How do I get the refrigeration equipment, walk in coolers, walk in freezers shipped to me?

Barr, Inc. makes shipping refrigeration equipment extremely easy and affordable! Our hardworking Shipping Department works 24/7 to get the best price for you. We will call and give you a quote prior to shipping. You just pay the freight charges to the contracted driver upon arrival. Most refrigeration equipment and walkins are shipped on flatbed semi trucks. For international deliveries, van trucks and containers are used.

Does Barr, Inc. offer financing on used walkin coolers, used walkin freezers and used refrigeration equipment?

Barr, Inc. can provide you with names of finance companies that are frequently used by our customers. These companies are familiar with financing used walkin coolers, used walk in freezers, and commercial refrigeration equipment. Our Refrigeration Specialists are very knowledgeable about the entire Barr inventory. Our mission is to help you find the best equipment at the best price!

What type of equipment does Barr, Inc. sell?

Drive-in coolers, drive-in freezers, small to large walk-in coolers, walk-in freezers, combination walkin coolers, combination walkin freezers, glass door walkin coolers, glass door walkin freezers, walkin refrigeration panels, drive-in refrigeration panels, indoor condensing units, outdoor condensing units, compressor racks with remote condensers, electric defrost evaporators, hot gas evaporators, air defrost evaporators, high velocity evaporators, low velocity evaporators.

Does Barr, Inc. provide installation instructions for the new walkin coolers?

Barr, Inc. does provide a complete set of instructions for the installation of the walkin cooler/ walkin freezer, or retro kit is provided.

Are the new CCI walkin coolers/ walkin freezers NSF Certified?

Yes. New CCI box Construction is of a design approved by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) and carries the NSF Certification label mounted on each door tag.

Do new CCI walk-in coolers/ walk-in freezers include lighting?

Yes. Each entrance door is provided with an incandescent vapor-proof light fixture for mounting on the interior of the door frame. The fixture has a shatter-proof globe. A pilot light and toggle switch with a stainless steel cover is furnished. The door frame and door plug are UL approved. All electrical components are shipped loose. The vapor proof light fixture is capable of accepting up to a 100 watt bulb. Light bulbs are not supplied.

On the new CCI walk-in coolers/ walk-in freezers how are the door gaskets designed?

The door gasket is a vinyl material with a heavy duty magnet which adheres to the metal on the door frame. The gasket design allows for quick and easy replacement in the event the gasket should need to be replaced.

What about door hardware on the new CCI walk in coolers/ walk in freezers?

The standard door hinges are of a cam-lift design and have brushed chrome finish. The hinges have steel pins with nylon bushings. The hinges have a minimum 9" strap and are installed in sufficient numbers to carry the weight of the door. materials are the same finish as the door hinges. The latch is designed to open the door easily with an inside safety release feature that complies with OSHA standards. A safety release sign is affixed to the inside of the door section that clearly explains

What is an NSF Application on the new CCI walk-ins?

The wearing surface of the floors is 22 gauge non polished stainless steel (type 304 2B finish) with 5/8" plywood backing for rigidity. The floors are built with the required NSF cove. When an insulated floor is not required, wood screed walls or flat bottom walls are furnished and cam set or lagged to the existing floor for rigidity. When standard wood screed walls are built, cove molding is shipped loose to meet NSF requirements.

What about floor construction on the new CCI walk in coolers/ freezers?

When a floor is required, the floor panels are 4 1/8" thick with 3 1/2" of insulation and 6 1/8" thick with 5 1/2" of insulation. The floors are designed and manufactured to support uniformly distributed loads up to 700 pounds per square foot.

How are the new CCI walk in doors constructed?

Barr, Inc. sells new walkin coolers/ freezers with a standard door (34"x78") which is an overlap design unless otherwise specified. All doors 42" in width or less are designed to be self closing using a brushed chrome positive seal latch with keyed cylinder lock and strike plate. Consult our Refrigeration Specialists regarding larger self closing doors. The door and frame are of similar construction and finish as the wall panels.

What does the standard walkin door frame consist of on the new CCI walkins?

The standard 34"x78" swinging door frame consists of a wood perimeter, onto which the interior and exterior metal skins are secured creating a thermal break between metal facings. The standard foam door plug includes a ribbed channel around the inside perimeter into which the magnetic gasket mates.

For the new CCI walkins, how are the new freezer doors constructed?

Each freezer door has a single anti-condensate heater wire which is concealed behind trim on the face of the door frame on all sides to prevent condensation and frost formation. The heater wire is easily accessible for replacement or service. Applications of 35 degrees F. and above do not require a heater wire. A dial thermometer is mounted on the strike side of the frame.

What type of insulation is used on the new CCI walkin cooler/ walkin freezer panels?

Insulation is "foamed in place" polyurethane. The thermal conductivity factor (K) does not exceed 0.12 BTU per hour, per square foot, per degree F., per inch. Overall coefficient of heat transfer (U-factor) is not more than .034 for 3 1/2" or .023 for 5 1/2" walls. The (R-factor) for a 3 1/2" wall is 29 and a 5 1/2" wall is 44. Insulation has a 98% closed cell structure and average in place density of 2.0 lbs. per cubic foot.

What is a cam lock refrigeration panel?

Cam-action locking devices are precisely positioned in the panels to insure a positive joint. The locking devices consist of cam-action rotating locking arms in the tongue edge. The locking arms engage a steel rod which is firmly anchored in the groove edge. This action draws all joints tightly together providing an air tight and vapor proof seam. All locking of standard panels is performed from the interior of the walkin by means of a hex wrench.

How are the new CCI walkin cooler/freezer panels constructed?

The refrigeration panels consist of interior and exterior metal clad surface precisely formed with steel dies and roll form equipment and thoroughly checked with gauges for uniformity and accuracy. The insulation is "foamed in place" polyurethane and when completely heat cured, is bound to the metal skins and forms a rigid nominal 3 1/2" or 5 1/2" thick polyurethane insulated panels. All panels have wood perimeters that provide structural strength and rigidity.

How do I know the new CCI refrigeration panels joints are vapor proof and air tight?

To insure that all joints are air tight and vapor proof, panels have tongue and groove edges on adjoining sides of every panel. A flexible vinyl gasket extends around the interior and exterior perimeter of each tongue edge. Gaskets are resistant to damage from oil, grease, water, detergents and sunlight and are NSF Certified and flame retardant.

Do the new CCI walkin coolers /freezers have an inside safety release?

Yes. The inside safety release prevents accidental entrapment inside the cooler or freezer even if the handle is locked or padlocked from the outside. A simple push on the inside plunger will release the handle and allow a quick escape.

Do the new CCI walk-in coolers have a switch and pilot light?

The pilot light and light switch are located on the latch side of the door section. The pilot light alerts personnel when the inside light is on. The switch and pilot light are covered with a stainless steel cover plate and are field installed.

Are your new CCI walk-in freezers sold with pressure relief vents?

Yes. The new CCI walkin freezers do include a pressure relief vent. It is designed to equalize the pressure between the inside and outside of the walk-in freezer. The relief vent has a low wattage heater that is pre-wired at the factory and is designed to prevent frost build-up and condensation.

Does Barr, Inc. keep new walkin coolers/ freezers in stock?

Barr, Inc. takes pride in providing customers the largest, in-stock inventory, of ready-to-ship new walkin coolers and walkin freezers. All new walkin coolers/ freezers are manufactured by CCI.