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Blast Freezers

Do you have a reliable blast freezer or blast chiller? If not, we have all the commercial blast chillers to benefit your business. Our team will help you meet food safety standards for any commercial kitchen.

Food products risk developing bacterial growth from moisture or warm temperatures. Chilling thresholds can prevent this growth. Whether you maintain perishables, produce like fruit or vegetables, or meat, blast freezers, and chillers can help you maintain high-quality standards.

Types Of Blast Freezing Equipment

Commercial blast chillers are a must-have for any business that wants to maintain high-quality products and materials. By cooling products quickly, blast chillers empower you to keep your products fresh and extend their shelf life. You can incorporate standard processes for maintenance.

But not all blast chillers are created equal. If yours isn’t reliable, you risk losing your ingredients or producing inferior products — and your sales will suffer.

At Barr Inc., we offer expansive commercial blast-chilling equipment for businesses like yours. Find the best industrial blast chillers for your operations below.

Industrial Freezing Equipment

Regarding industrial blast freezing equipment, you must know what you need to pick a chiller that meets your operational needs. With the right features and capacity, you can ensure that your products stay fresher for longer.

Criteria For A Viable Blast Chiller

Investing in an excellent commercial blast chiller is an investment in the success of your business! Here are some things to look for when shopping for a commercial blast chiller.

  1. The Size of Your Industrial Blast Freezers
  2. The Capacity of Your Industrial Blast Chillers
  3. The Features of Your Blast Freezing Equipment
  4. Your Budget

The Size Of Your Industrial Blast Freezers

The size of the chiller is essential because you want one that will fit in your space. Make sure to measure the area where you plan to put the chiller and choose the right size.

For example, this 20-Foot Blast Freezer is compact yet spacious, making it perfect for businesses with limited space. It features polyurethane insulation for maximum efficiency.

It’s easy to clean and maintain, and the flooring is reinforced for heavy loads and traffic. This freezer is ideal for restaurants, cafeterias, and other food-service establishments.

The Capacity of Your Industrial Blast Chillers

The capacity of the chiller is also essential. You want one that can handle the product you need to cool down.

This 40-Foot Blast Freezer Container, for instance, is massive yet unobtrusive. This is perfect for those who need to store or freeze a large amount of product.

The Features Of Your Blast Freezer Equipment

Chillers have different features, so you’ll want to choose one with the needed parts. For example, select a chiller with a timer if you need one with that feature.

Your Budget

Of course, price is always an important consideration when making any purchase. Choose a chiller that fits your budget without compromising quality or features.

Find the Best Commercial Freezing Equipment at Barr Inc.

When you blast freeze your ingredients, materials, and products, you require robust and efficient equipment. Fortunately, at Barr Inc., refrigeration is our passion.

We’ve helped businesses of all sizes find — or build — the perfect chilling solution. If you can’t find the right refrigerator for your business, we’ll create a custom solution.Contact our team today to find or design the best solution for freezing, refrigerating, and maintaining your products. Trust Barr. Inc to find chilling blast equipment that fits your business.