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Coolers With Floors

You want to consider various criteria when looking at a walk-in cooler with a floor. How much storage will you need for medicine, food, or ingredients? What is your storage size to hold the cooler? Also, determine if you need additional features, like vinyl curtains serving as dividers, and if you want a swinger door.

Why should you consider a walk-in or a floor cooler compared to a traditional option? They can last longer, with heavy-duty doors and hinges that can last long when constantly opened or closed. Some coolers and walk-in freezers even come in with temperature sensors to note any failures. They are also best for facilities that store many perishable items. Hospitals and warehouses are two such examples.

Industrial Walk-in Cooler Options

Please view our selection of walk-in coolers. We note which ones are new or refurbished so that they may best fit your budget and which options have a manufacturer’s warranty. Make sure to list your voltage requirements when placing an order or requesting a quote.

Compact Coolers

Are you seeking a brand-new option? Consider the 8' x 8' x 8’H Walk-in Cooler with Floor, one of our smallest but most compact models. It comes with vinyl curtains, swingers doors, a brand-new condenser, and an evaporator for your benefit. This walk-in cooler box is ready to supply all your industrial needs. Take advantage of the medium-temperature refrigeration system, ranging between 35 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

Large Floor Coolers

A more practical option is the 12' x 20' x 8’h Walk-in Cooler with Floor. It either comes with a 2.5 HP condensing unit and evaporator or a surplus 2 HP system. Decide if you want to install the door on a particular cooler side, as it can go on either. The factory floor has an aluminum diamond plate.

What Are Your Walk-In Cooler Flooring Options?

You have several materials that can provide long-term flooring. We recommend determining if you need them to support pallet jacks, other hand carts, and your budget.

Aluminum is one of the standard options for floor paneling. Many of our coolers have aluminum diamond plating.

You can also choose plywood, either with a single underlay or enforced with tubular metal grids. These grids can support up to 5,000 pounds of weight, so we recommend this capacity if you have heavy cargo.

Maintain Your Cold Storage With Barr. Inc

Barr Commercial Refrigeration has a wide variety of cold storage solutions for your business. Whether from new flooring options or old ones, we have them all. We take pride in providing the best value for your order or purchase.

Do you want to find custom solutions for your business refrigeration systems and freezer options? We have those options as well. Talk with our specialists about the best combination of equipment.

Are you ready to request a quote on an industrial cooler or freezer? Then please reach out to us today. Let Barr Inc. pair you with the right walk-in cooler or freezer to meet your insulated floors or energy efficiency needs.