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7'6" x 16' x 10'6"H National Coolers Walk-in Cooler or Freezer

Size: 120 Sq. Ft.

Condition: Used



Walk-in cooler or freezer box with commercial refrigeration to include a condensing unit and evaporator.

  • Unit includes cam-lock panels with 3.5" walls & ceilings urethane insulation.
  • Stucco white interior / white-galvanized exterior finish.
  • Unit has (1) 36" x 84" hinged swing door with new easy to install vinyl strip curtain kit.
  • Refrigeration equipment and door(s) included will be inspected & reconditioned by a certified technician prior to shipment  (includes warranty).


Voltage/Phase: Buyer to specify.
Details: 1 HP Medium temp refrigeration system: +35 to +45 degree cooler storage.
3 HP Low temp refrigeration system: 0 to -10 degree freezer storage.
Dimensions: 7'6" x 16' x 10'6"H
Doors: (1) 36" x 84" Swinging
Finish: White In / White-Galvanized Out
Insulation: Urethane 3.5"