Cold Storage Panels

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Cold Storage Panels

Walk-in coolers are a necessity for many businesses. If you sell perishable items, or use perishable materials in your production process, then you can benefit from a walk-in refrigerator.

And if you rely on a walk-in refrigerator, then you need cold storage panels. These panels can be installed in any existing or new walk-in cooler, empowering you to scale your cold storage with your business.

They’re incredibly energy efficient, making them a great choice for businesses that are looking to save money on their energy bills. Best of all, here at Barr, Inc., you’ll find walk-in cooler panels in several sizes to ensure that you can build & upgrade the perfect cooler for your needs.

Walk-In Cooler Insulation

Cold storage panels are a type of insulation that is increasingly popular among businesses across different industries. These panels are made of a high-density foam that is specifically designed to keep the interior at a consistent temperature.

One of the best things about cold storage panels is their interlocking design. Rather than purchasing a complete, preconstructed cooler, you can build your cold storage to your unique specifications.

Better still, the panels are designed to insulate the interior effectively, which prevents the escape of heat and maintains an even environment. In addition to potentially saving you money on your energy bill, it minimizes the risk of spoilage due to fluctuations in temperature.

The Benefits of Installing Cold Room Panels from Barr, Inc.

At Barr, we offer our insulated cold storage panels in many different configurations to suit your project’s needs. In fact, if you the size that you need isn’t provided above, then you can customize your refrigeration panels and we’ll provide a quote!

However, that may not even be a concern in the first place. We keep many sizes of cooler and freezer insulation panels in stock, all ready to ship.

We can include, and ship, all of the installation trim necessary to build your cooler/freezer units or your sealed, modular grow rooms. Our insulated refrigeration panels snap together easily and make great walls for indoor gardening and hydroponic cultivation.

Cold Room Panels: How Hot is Your Business?

We also stock several different styles and sizes of cold storage insulated doors and refrigeration equipment to match the required heat loads of your project. Installation details and shop drawings are also available with each walk-in cooler panel package.

Stay Frosty with Refrigeration Panels from Barr Refrigeration

If you use materials or produce items that require refrigeration, then you need a cold storage system that is reliable, adaptable, and economical. You need refrigeration panels from Barr Refrigeration.

At Barr, we have decades of experience with assisting professionals in building the perfect cooler for their operations. Our superior materials, and unparalleled customer service, ensure that you’re empowered to build the ideal walk-in cooler for your business.

Don’t settle for prefabricated, “one-size-fits-all” solutions, when you know that your company deserves the best option for your workspace and operations. For help finding cold storage panels to build an exceptional walk-in refrigerator, reach out to our team today.