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Walk-in Freezers with Floors

Commercial freezers with flooring are a vital piece of storage equipment for businesses that handle perishable items. Heat transfer can take place with the flooring if isn’t properly insulated.

However, it could be prohibitive to insulate the concrete where your freezer is to be mounted. In that case, it’s much more cost effective to install refrigeration with flooring.

Even better, the proper floor package prevents any potential damage to your products caused by frost or heaving. Fortunately, at Barr, Inc., we offer an expansive catalog of frosty storage solutions to boost the shelf life of your ingredients, materials, or products.

Commercial Freezers for Sale

Here, you can browse a diverse selection of Commercial Walk-In Freezer Units. Best of all, these come complete with walk-in freezer floor packages, so you don’t have to sweat the insulation.

When shopping for a commercial freezer flooring, it’s vital to consider the type of material to be used. Vinyl is easy to clean and resistant to moisture, while rubber is durable and can withstand heavy traffic.

At Barr, our favorite option is the aluminum diamond plate. These maximize safety for you and your crew as you navigate the space throughout the day.

Outdoor Walk-In Freezers

Another important factor when sourcing refrigeration flooring is their ideal temperature range. Make sure the freezer can accommodate the temperatures you need to store your products.

For example, this 20-foot Reefer Container with Thermoking Magnum Refrigeration operates from -30° to 86° Fahrenheit (-34° to 30° Celsius). This makes it perfect for products that are deep frozen, frozen, chilled, and even heated!

Outdoor refrigerators, like this, are a great way to optimize how you use your space. Because of this, they’ve become invaluable in a wide range of commercial applications.

Used Walk-In Freezers

Used walk-in refrigerators are a clever means for getting the most out of your budget. At Barr, a certified technician inspects all refrigeration equipment, and reconditions it as necessary.

Better still, they include a warranty for added confidence. Altogether, this empowers you to source an economical solution, then allocate the savings to other aspects of your business.

This Surplus Walk-in Freezer with Floor, for instance, is particularly ideal because its compact size makes it a perfect fit in even the smallest operations. It features a vinyl strip curtain kit, aluminum diamond plate flooring, and the door can be installed on either side of the unit.

Find the Coolest Walk-In Freezers for Sale at Barr, Inc.

It’s crucial to have insulated and slip-resistant flooring for your commercial walk-in refrigeration unit. This keeps the space safe and productive, while maintaining a healthy environment for your products.

At Barr, Inc., we’ve been empowering business owners to keep it cool since 1978! We’ve collaborated with businesses of all sizes, and curated a varied collection of refrigeration solutions.

Maximize the shelf life of your products and your budget with an economical freezer with flooring. To find the perfect freezer with floors for your operations, reach out to our team today.