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50 HP Medium Temperature Compressor Rack & Remote Condenser Package (2018)

Size: 50 HP

Condition: Used


Plus Shipping.


Used 50 hp high side medium temp package to include:

(1) used 50 hp hussman mnfg compressor rack (mnfg’ed 2018).  With (5) Copeland discus compressors (5x10 hp).    3 phase, 208 volt, r-407a.  Rating: 604,650 btuh @ +21 degree sst/110 cond temp/+95 degree amb/r-407a

(1) used krack mnfg mod.lavf-24310ka remote condenser.  8 fans (2x4), 3/208 volt, vertical air flow, 2 circuits Thr rating: 585,600 btuh @ 10 degree td. 

$24,000. For used 50 hp high-side, fob Oshkosh, WI.

 *Barr to p-test condenser & run-check fan motors (repair/replace as required) prior to shipping.

*Barr to run-check compressors and repair/replace as required.

*rack headers, controller & electrical panel to be left as-is, with no work by barr.

In stock, ready to ship!


Voltage/Phase: 3 ph 208v