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67.5 HP Dual Temperature Compressor Rack & Remote Condenser Package

Size: 67.5 HP

Model: Paratemp 64688

Condition: Used

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67.5 HP Compressor Rack with (2) suction groups includes (4) Bitzer semi-hermetic compressors on the medium temp suction group and (4) Bitzer semi-hermetic compressors on the low temp suction group.  Condenser mounted on top of compressor penthouse; penthouse includes compressors, oil control system, accumulators, liquid receiver, and electrical panel, with related electrical all mounted on a common steel frame with outdoor enclosure.  Valve bank and/or valving for individual circuits not included.

  • Equipment package in very good condition.
  • Compressors: (3-12.5HP) Bitzer low temp, (1-4HP) Bitzer low temp, (2-7.5HP) Bitzer medium temp & (2-5.5HP) Bitzer medium temp, R-407A.
  • Condenser: Bohn BNQ-D08-A046 (8-fan vertical air flow, 2 circuits) rated at 1,020,180 BTUH @ 11.4 degree TD
  • 3 Phase, 208v.
  • Capacity: 269,600 BTUH @ +13 Degree SST & 112,700 BTUH @ -22 Degree SST (R-407a).
  • Approximate weight: 8,000 lbs.
  • Approximate dimensions: 7'4"W, 19'1"L, 8'10"H

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Voltage/Phase: 3 Phase, 208v.