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Used Combination Cooler / Freezers

PhotoDimensionsSq Ft 
1.12'4" x 18' x 10'4"H Combo Cooler/Freezer222Details
1.12' x 23' x 9'11"H Combo Cooler/Freezer276Details
1.8' x 35' x 10'4"H Combo Cooler/Freezer280Details
1.20'x20'x10'H (L-shape) Combo Cooler/Freezer296Details
1.11'3" x 36'10" x 8'4"H Combo Cooler/Freezer414Details
1.18' x 26' x 10'H (Blue) Combo Cooler/Freezer468Details
1.18' x 26' x 10'H Combo Cooler/Freezer468Details
1.16' x 32' x 10'H Combo Cooler/Freezer512Details
1.12'10" x 41'8" x 8'5"/10'5"H Combo Cooler/Freezer535Details
1.16' x 42' x 14'H Combo Cooler/Freezer672Details


Need A Cooler And A Freezer?

Combination walkin units combine walkin coolers and freezers for the ultimate in refrigerated storage!

Deer hunting processing cooler

Walk-thru combination cooler/freezer.

This unit is the perfect size for a small to medium restaurant.

Walk in cooler for sale California

Contact us with your specific temperature control needs.

1-888-661-0871, Monday - Friday 8am-5pm CST or send your request through our website.

35 and 0 degree room storage

Modular insulated panels.

Each box's individual modular panels give you the flexibility of installing the door(s) in different locations.

urethane polystyrene insulated panels

Worldwide supplier.

Our refrigeration packages have shipped to countries such as Mexico, Egypt, Bahamas, Venezule, Nicaragua, Peru, India, Vietnam, Honduras, Canada, Guatemala, El Salvador & Jamaica among others.

10 x 10 good condition cooler

2 and 3 room cold storage combos available.

Nice used combo cooler freezer unit

Plan your food storage needs ahead.

Each of our cooler and freezer units include an easy to read layout diagram. All panels included are numbered prior to shipping.

new restaurant kitchen cooler cheap

Reconditioned coolers and freezers available.

Cheap walk in freezer for sale New Jersey

Heated freezer doors with defrost wire.

Cheap used walk in cooler

Custom sizes available in all coolers

Custom designed cooler or freezer for sale

Food grade cold storage

Cooler for Sale ship to Florida

Indoor & Outdoor Cold boxes available.

Outdoor used cooler

Many door sizes available.

Cooler and Freezer Doors
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